Formerly Homelessness Gateway Service and Youth Gateway

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Homeless Connect SA can support you in a number of ways

  • Connect you with relevant services and information to help in your current situation
  • Short-term assistance until you can be connected to a specialist homelessness service
  • Referrals to specialist services including Domestic Violence and Aboriginal Family Violence services, youth services and mental health support
If you do not need immediate assistance but would like more information or support, you can contact us via the enquiry form below

Answers to our most common questions

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Does Homeless Connect SA offer housing?
Can Homeless Connect SA provide food support or transport?
What do I do if I see someone sleeping rough (on the street, in a park, out the front of a building)?
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What do I do if I live in a Housing SA property and have a maintenance issue?
I am a tenant in private rental, social or public housing, and would like information or advice about my tenancy. Can Homeless Connect SA help?
I have just moved from interstate and have no family or friends in South Australia – can Homeless Connect SA help me?
What happened to Homelessness Gateway Service and Youth Gateway?
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If you are homeless tonight, call 1800 003 308 (free call from any phone). If you are experiencing crisis of another kind, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or, in an emergency, dial 000.

Please complete the form for all feedback and non-urgent enquiries with Homeless Connect SA. Please note, we usually return these non-emergency calls in the evening.
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